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Vital Energy

At some point, the body and mind together become fundamentally aware and convinced that the energy by which the body is pervaded is the same as that which illuminates the world and maintains alive all beings - Joseph Campbell

      All of the ancient, traditional, and indigenous healing systems in the world recognize and use the concept of vital energy as a core element of their methods. In India it is called "Prana." In China it is called "Chi." In Japan it is called "Ki." Among Kung bushmen it is called "Boiling Energy." The Kahuna of Hawaii and Polynesia call it "Mana." The list goes on. According to the Shaman, Healer and Mystic healing does not take place unless there is energy present and one does not remain healthy and live a long life unless he/she has a high reserve of vital energy.

      This same "Vital Energy" is also associated with the possession of magical powers, clairvoyance, the power to heal, and the special powers possessed by martial arts masters. The knowledge of this force and the methods of acquiring and directing it has traditionally been among the most protected secrets of our world both ancient and modern. More important, it has always been available and remains available from our internal source for those with the patience to listen to their internal source in deep meditation.

      Much knowledge has been gathered by investigators and placed in the public domain, but accomplished masters are rare. This is in part because mastering these methods is difficult, or is perceived to be difficult. It is also in part because nearly every element of our social attitudes and every paradigm of modern culture, denies, undermines, or belittles these concepts. Most find it difficult to overcome their social programming.

      Still, for those with the inclination to pursue this knowledge, even modest efforts produce measurable results. For those who pursue this study with determination and passion, the journey can be life transforming.

      In contemporary times, Lloyd Hopkins discovered that his students could not develop the skill of "mind sight" when their energy was low. Robert Bruce, teacher and writer on "out of body travel" discovered that his students had to develop their energy before they could accomplish out of body experiences. Many of the martial arts include training in the development of "internal power," Chi, Ki, or Qi as an integral part of their art. Physicist William Tiller was able to construct instruments that measured the energy transmitted by healers.

      What happens to human energy? It is committed to maintain a certain perception of reality intact. That perception is our universe, our lives with our relationships, our "place" in the world around us, the people around us, our jobs, our limitations, and our emotional entanglements. Large amounts of energy are required to maintain our connection with our past, our injuries, our limitations, our fears, and our emotional entanglements.

      In addition, human energy and awareness is "drained away" by random thought, fantasizing, and the ceaseless internal chatter. Vital energy may also be drained away intentionally or unintentionally by other individuals.

      Energy is also used for healing, healthy life expression and achieving our dreams and accomplishments. In contemporary times, it is interesting to note that in China entire hospitals are devoted to treating every known disease and illness with Qi Gong only. In the west, the field of "Energy Medicine" is gaining more recognition and respect.

Assessing Energy

      Some individuals are able to "see" energy fields around people and other living things. For the rest of us, there are additional tools that can be used. One is muscle testing. Muscle testing results can be affected by many variables and, therefore, can produce rather subjective results. Nevertheless, careful application can produce valid and informative assessments.

      Another method of assessing energy is to measure the effects of energy on quantum energy states of atoms. A well known technology is kirlian photography. Kirlian photography refers to a form of photograph made by exposing a photographic film to the light emitted by a high voltage discharge. Corona discharge photography has been used to photograph the human aura and similar energy fields. This technology is inconvenient because it uses photographic film which must be carefully handled and processed. It is also subject to artifacts from variations in moisture, pressure, and other factors affecting the film and its exposure.

      The same physics is applied in a technique called GDV (gas discharge visualization) developed by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov in the Russian University, St.Petersburg State Technical University of Informational Technologies, Mechanics and Optics. The Korotkov methods are used in some hospitals and athletic training programs in Russia and elsewhere as preventative measurements for detecting stress. In this technology, glass electrodes replace the photographic film used in kirlian photography. This results in a more convenient tool with fewer artifacts.

      Another application of this physics is a gas discharge device developed by physicist William Tiller of Stanford University. Rather than a visual display, this device presents a digital readout that corresponds with the energy state of the individual being tested.

      Measurements with all of these devices have demonstrated that healers, qi gong practitioners and energy workers produce a much stronger field effect than an average person.

      The corona discharge in these technologies is influenced by the non-physical "energy" that is associated with an individual. The same energy can be used to influence electrons to jump to a higher energy state when not under the influence of a high voltage. This effect can be demonstrated by using luminescent pigments and materials. In this case, a pigment that can be caused to glow when exposed to light can also be caused to glow when exposed to focused non-physical energy as well.

Muscle Testing for Energy Assessment

      With a partner, try the following simple test:

  • Have your partner stand erect, one arm relaxed at their side, the other arm held straight out, parallel to the floor. (Either arm can be used for testing. Should one side become fatigued, the other can be used. Muscle testing is usually more effective when you can isolate the action of a single muscle.)
  • Face your partner and place one hand on their shoulder to steady them. With your other hand, using only one or two fingers, grasp their extended arm just above the wrist.
  • Instruct your partner to resist as you push down on their arm.
  • Push down on the arm firmly, slowly, and smoothly, just hard enough to feel the response in the arm.
  • Allow your partner to relax their arm for a moment. When ready have them think of a very positive, fun or empowering experience. Test the muscle again. Then have your partner think of a very sad or unhappy experience. Test the muscle again.

      Thoughts and attitudes obviously affect our energy status. You can use this tool to check the effects and results of your energy development exercises and to assist in identifying and correcting energy drains.

The "Glowing Object" Energy Test

      To demonstrate this effect:

  • The eyes must be dark adapted. This takes about 30 minutes in complete darkness. The human eye is so sensitive to light when fully dark adapted that it can detect a single photon.
  • Most common glow in the dark objects can be used including basketballs, toothbrushes, toys, etc. They must be stored in complete darkness for several days.
  • In a completely dark room, with dark adapted eyes, pull out the glow in the dark ball or toy and hold it in your hands while focusing energy into it. You should be able to see your handprints glowing.
  • While this test is fairly sensitive, not everyone may be able to produce the glowing object effect on the first try or on every try. This can be used as a test to assess readiness to work with skill development such as mind sight, remote view, healing, etc.

Developing and Enhancing Energy

      Developing a higher state of energy involves two categories of action. One is stopping energy leaks and the other is collecting or connecting to new energy.

      Connecting to new energy is accomplished by the art of "listening" in deep meditation. There are also energy accumulating techniques used in many different traditions. These include pranayama, qigong, soul retrieval, and energy recapitulation among others.

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